The Insulation Roadmap prepared by Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) in 2021 recommended that Industry, with the support of governments, should develop and maintain an on-line list of insulation products verified to meet the current requirements of the National Construction Code. the products are required to meet the requirements set out in AS/NZS 4859.1 Materials for the thermal insulation of buildings.

Insulation Australasia has undertaken to manage the listing on behalf of the EEC.  A committee of Industry experts and representatives of testing authorities has been established to assess products and their testing to enable their inclusion in the listing. 

Process for Assessment of product

  •   Manufacturer or supplier of the product in Australia completes the application form.
  • the form is assessed for compliance with the established criteria by IA executive officer and returned to the applicant if all information is not provided. 
  • When the form meets the criteria the application is forwarded to the assessment committee for approval. 
  • Once approved the IA executive officer will add to web site and inform the applicant. 
  • If the application is rejected by the assessment committee the IA executive officer will provide advice to applicant stating reasons for non acceptance. An applicant may reapply if the product or testing is changed to meet the requirements.  
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